When your baby is first born it's an incredibly exciting time, but also hard work. But all the work is worth it as your baby grows, starts to react, gurgles and smiles, takes her first solid foof, sits up, starts to walk, starts to talk.....

Throughout this time the needs of your baby are changing and you constantly have to choose new products that suit your baby and yourself.  Any way you can try new products at cheaper prices should be welcomed.  Here we have tried to find the best ways to get cheap of free products for your baby.

1. Bounty

Nearly everyone knows about Bounty.  When you gointo hospital you get the information and register for your Bounty Pack and it suly arrives with some free sample for baby.

2. Emma's Diary

Another free pregnancy pack you should take advantage of.  The Emma's Diary pack is promoted through the GP and also gives you some free items for your pregnancy and newborn baby.

3. Boots Baby Club

This club gets you double Boots Advantage card points when you buy certain baby products as well as regular Advantage card points offers.  At the time of writing they are also offering a 'free' changing bag when you join and buy Pampers nappies.  Boots also offer free parenting Magazines if you continue to purchase from them.

4. Tesco Baby Club

Gives you access to great advice, money saving offers and competitions.

5. Mum and Baby Online

This club provides one easy sign up point for lots of the baby and toddler clubs so you can get your cheap baby stuff easily.

6. Asda Baby and Toddler Club

The Asda Baby club gves you the l;atest deals and offers, details of their baby events, news from the Asda baby team and new product reviews

7. Sainsbury's Baby and Toddler Club

As well as advice, offers recipes and competitions, at the time of writing the Sainsbury's club also give you a free Huggies Mum and Baby Bundle.

8. Mothercare Baby and Me Club

This club gives you over £100 of money off vouchers, meaning you'll be able get a range of cheap products from Mothercare stores.

9. Heinz Baby Club

By joining this club you get

  • Heinz Baby Club mail packs with product samples, money-off vouchers and feeding guides
  • Monthly emails with great giveaways
  • Nutritional information, recipes, meal planners and a unique baby book on their website


TRYitCLUB is a way to get a range of cheap baby products, mostly at half the usual retail price.  The great thing about TRYitCLUB is that you get to chose the items you want to receive and they are sent out to you. The baby site contains a range of cheap baby food for ages 4+ months.  The pregnancy site is expected to be live in February / March 2013 with great cheap products for pregnancy and new born babies.

Some of the above are free and some give you access to a range of cheap baby products, but it's probably worthwhile to take advantage of all of them during your pregnancy and your baby's early months.