Frequently asked questions

What is TRYitCLUB?

TRYitCLUB is a way for mums-to-be and mums to try out a range of products for their pregnancy and for their baby.

What are the Pregnancy and Baby Sites?

The TRYitCLUB Pregnancy Site is for mums-to-be who want to try a range of maternity products for themselves and baby products for when their baby is newborn.

The TRYitCLUB Baby Site is for mums with a baby who is moving towards the feeding and weaning stage.

Can I order from both sites?

You are welcome to order from both our Pregnancy and Baby sites at the relevant stage of your pregnancy and your baby's development.  The Pregnancy site contains products for your pregnancy and when your baby is newborn.  The Baby site contains products for when your baby is growing and approaching their feeding and weaning stage.

Although we understand that every baby is unique and the time to wean varies, the WHO guidelines state that breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along wiht appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.

How many items can I buy?

You can buy every item on the site, but you can only buy one of each item.  TRYitCLUB gives you the chance to try out a range of baby products but is not somewhere you can keep coming back to for your regular purchases.

How many orders can I place?

You can place as many orders as you wish, but we maintain a record of the products you have ordered on previous visits and you will not be able to repeat purchase any item you have bought previously.  

Why is the price of my TRY it PACK different from the advertised price?

TRYitCLUB only allows you to buy one of each item. If you add a TRYitPACK to your cart that includes the item that its already in your cart, the item will be removed from the TRYitPACK and the price of the pack adjusted accordingly.

What is the delivery charge?

For UK Mainland (excluding Highlands) orders the delivery charge is £2.99.  Please see our delivery information for rates to Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland.

Do you deliver overseas?

No.  TRYitCLUB is for customers with UK billing and delivery addresses only.

Can you deliver to my work address?

No.  We deliver to residential addresses only.